Monday, 21 May 2012



Halter Bra and Pants: Georgina Linhart, White Bead Girdle: Adrien Mann, White Turban: Edward Mann, Coiled Snake in Turban: Paul Stephens, Snaky Armband: Corocraft

"Yummy, yummy yummy, there's some sun on my tummy! For Honeys who have tummies that go in and not out, the bare middles are here.  Cagey ones with a rib-basket the size of a hamper----forget it!  But those with a delicate curve----you're in, or you're off, for when you get down to it (and you can't get down any further), these are the shiny, sugary teasers----the clothes with the non-existent centres."

Ragged Edge Skirt and Midi Top: Lizzy Carr, Snaky Waist Belts: Adrien Mann, Peep-toe Shoes: Saxone

Top and Trousers: Firstaway

Chiffon Bra Top, Pants and Long-Sleeved Coat: Lee Bender at Bus Stop, White Patent Belt: Anthony Rockall

Bra and Trousers: Foale and Tuffin, Gilt Chain and Slim Line Around Waist: Corocraft, Specs: National Health

Bra Top and Full Short Skirt: Lizzy Carr, Cleopatra Three-Ringed Hand Bracelet: Adrien Mann, Gilt Waist Chain: Corocraft, White Turban: Edward Mann

Tie Bolero and Trousers: Foale and Tuffin, Yellow Leather Belt: Anthony Rockall, Gilt Chain: Corocraft, Knuckle Duster Ring: Corocraft

Main: Midi Top and Pants: Twiggy, Twisted Tassel Rope: Adrien Mann

Inset: Top and Pants: Twiggy, Tricel Scarf: Michael Kelly

Main: Top and Pants: Sylvia Ayton and Zandra Rhodes, Leather Belt: Brownies, Twisty Bangles: Adrien Mann, Peep-Toe Shoes: Saxone

Inset: Crepe Trousers and Long-Sleeved Stop: Lee Bender at Bus Stop, Snake Brooch: Corocraft, Neck Chain: Corocraft, Snaky Ring: Corocraft

Midi Top and Pants: Clobber, Belt: Childs Dixon, Earings: Paul Stephens

Photographed by: John Lawlor

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