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Traveling In Style | Mary McFadden

Vogue US - November 1980

"Over the years I've learned some very helpful tips that I think other women could find useful, too."

- Mary McFadden

"When packing, I always take my tennis racket and tennis clothes.  So if the hotel where I am staying has a court, I exercise for about an hour.  I find it helps to get rid of stale air and to get the juices rolling.  Also, I take a swimming suit and cap with me.  If there is a pool, I use it.  I think it's best to always be prepared.  Besides exercise, I find massage is wonderful.  The Beverly Wilshire has the best masseurs in this country, followed by the Ritz-Carlton's in Chicago, and the Watergate Hotel's in Washington.

I pack traveling scales. I think it's important to keep your weight at just the right point.  You can gain five pounds in a day, when you travel as much as I do.  I take a large hairdryer because it dries my hair faster than those mini-dryers.  I also take a magnifying mirror.  You simply can't apply make-up in hotel mirrors!

My cosmetic bag is permanently packed, both here at the office and at home.  I keep Clinique's sun block.  I take a color stick (Roux's dark brown) to touch up my hairline, and scissors to cut my hair."

"The clothes I take include two pleated cocktail dresses and two day suits.  Recently. I've been wearing mid-calf lace dresses from the 1920's.  I stay with white for day in the summer.  For TV, I wear all white - with my black hair it makes a strong impact.  In the winter, I have various shades of beige, but I always wear white for cocktails.  For evening, I take mostly mid-calf dresses.  I feel they elongate me.  I bring a lot of real jewelry for personal appearances.  That's what the women look for.  I don't like pants.  Also, I'm into a very feminine mood, and I don't want anything masculine.  

I take one handbag for day.  White for summer, dark for winter.  I carry a minaudiere for evening.  In my handbag, I have business cards, twenty personal checks, two pairs of glasses, my own fragrance, and Indian pillbox, lipstick, tweezers, nail polish, eye pencil, breath spray, eye-makeup remover, mascara, and an eye lotion - because I often wake up with red or swollen eyes.

A big pleasure while traveling: I relax in a warm bath, cover myself with my Satin Silk Body Lotion, put on a long white terry robe, and enjoy a leisurely breakfast.  That's luxury."

Photographed by Karen Radkai

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