Friday, 10 January 2014

THE LOOK OF TODAY: Diane de Monbrison

Vogue US - August 1 1970

Turnout, Fringe: Raza Creations, Belt: Joan Jablow, Boots: Tony the Shoemaker

John Meyer, Shirt: Malbe, Boots: Golo, Hat: Adolfo

Shirtdress: Vera, Scarf: Odyssey, Choker: David D. Abbe, Boots: David Evans

Calvin Klein, Hat: Cerruti, Purse: Lesco Lona, Boots: David Evans

Gunter for Project 2, Earrings: Monet, Boots: Golo, Mittens: Alaska Arctic, Scarf: Up Tied

Henry Friedricks, cap: Ronald Kolodzie for Genesis, boots: Mario Valentino for I. Miller

Jacques Tiffeau coats, hat: Mr. John, fur mittens: Aris, fur boots: Golo

Photographed by Arnaud de Rosnay

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