Sunday, 15 April 2012


The Daily Telegraph Magazine - September 7 1973

Jean Shrimpton and Barbara Miller
Copper Nightdress: £7.35, Brown Dress and Sequinned Jacket: £21

"The new Biba store in Kensington High Street proves that the boutique has arrived in in the world of big department stores.  Biba is the brainchild of Barbara Hulanicki, who started her design career eight years ago with a small boutique.  In 1969 Biba re-emerged in more opulent surroundings in Kensington High Street, and now it moves into even larger premises.  But it will endeavor to retain Barbara Hulanicki's taste in clothes, furnishings, make-up and foodstuffs."

Mauve Diamante Strap Dress: £16.25, Red Satin Dress: £9.45

Black Chenille Coat: £27.20, Brown Chenille Coat: £40

Beige and Copper Trouser Suit: £23.30, Matching Hat: £3.25, Black Shirt: £6.60, Copper and Black Suit: £14.45, Matching Hat: £3.25

Photographed by:  Duffy

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