Friday, 13 April 2012



Dungarees: Mr.Freedom, Shirt: Dorothy Perkins, Batman Scarf: Tuttabankem, Sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith, Belt: Strides, Boots: Dolcis

"Comic Strip Heroes are an integral part of anybody's childhood and are now zapping and powing their way across the fashion trail.  So back to the good old days of Mickey Mouse and Goofy.  Anybody can become Lois Lane or Batgirl overnight.  These fashions are GREAT stuff! Look Out! Put them together! Pow...Great Scott, it's Supergirl."

Dress: Mr.Freedom, Tights: Wolford, Shoes: Dolcis

Inset - Jacket: Mr.Freedom, Belt: Wild Mustang, Bonnet: Pourelle

Dress: Mr.Freedom, Shoes: Russell and Bromley

T-shirt: Mr.Freedom

Dress: Mr.Freedom, Cloche: Pourelle, Scarf: Tuttabankem

T-shirt: Mr.Freedom, Hat: Mr.Freedom, Trousers: Clobber, Boots: Sacha, Sunglasses: Corocraft 

Cover Photo
Dungarees: Mr.Freedom, Cap: Mr.Freedom, T-shirt: Mr.Freedom, Belt: Strides, Snoopy and Peanuts Scarf: Gear, Sunglasses: Corocraft

Photographed by: Roy A. Giles

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