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Oui Magazine - February 1974

Stardust's Plastique Space Suit: Jan Girard
made of shower-curtain fabric by the Wear-Ever Shower Curtain Company

"Let your clothes do the talking.  If David Bowie can flame with orange hair and his look a-like wife can do hers up in white with red and purple stripes - well, why be shy?  Stardust and Philippe aren't hanging back.  They run around the city in their twinkling jump suits, hopping out of cabs in front of frightened doormen, streaking across the park like dreamscape joggers, and glowing incandescently wherever the strobes are popping the night."

That ain't no soda pop they're sipping.

Space Suits: DuMaurier
 Her Glasses: Ultimate Spectacle, His: Renaulds

Aviator Suits: Ronald Kolodzie of Concept Seven

Outfits: Freddie, Bracelet: Alexis Kirk, Earrings: Childstar, Sunglasses: Ultimate Spectacle

A London Designer by the name of Freddie made these Grand Union Supermarket Clothes.  The mysterious Mr.Freddie lives and works out of David Bowie's London flat.  He has done much to create that Ziggy Stardust stage magic-sewing machines snapping out this insane kind of star-trekking mind-strobing Superflash.   Fabulous Freddie is almost as gorgeous as his mentor, we hear.  Freddie has a Mick Jagger face topped by a full curly d.a. haircut that he often sprays silver when he's going out on the town.

Outfits: Kansai

Kansai also invents some of David Bowie's more extravagant stage clothes.  One of Japan's hottest new designers.  Kensai works out of Tokyo and has a boutique in London.  He specializes in capes (above) that tear off at the shoulder to reveal the juicy Ambisexual Superflash lurking just underneath. 

Photographed by Chris Von Wangenheim

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