Sunday, 3 June 2012


Or, them new high-heeled sneakers sure got a lot of leather soul.

Oui Magazine - February 1973

Hers: Bridgetown Flood

His: San Remo for Arrowsmith 

"People don't usually go out of their way to notice feet unless theirs happened to be stepped on.  But it had to happen.  Maybe it took a little longer because fashion, like economics and everything else, starts at the top and sifts its way down.  Those footprints, however, weren't going to be left out entirely.  So shove aside your Frye boots and dip a tore or two into some of the hot heels being offered.  They can make you walk tall or strut, giving your feet something to kick and click about.  For an aspiring fashion freak who finally wants to move out of the closet, shoes can be the best place to begin.  You can be fashionable by starting slowly with a pair of 3-inch modified platform lace-ups (or white bucks or mock Weejuns if you want to stay traditional) and working your way up to the 4 1/2-inch silver shit-kickers shown.  Don't treat your poor feet like prunes.  They've been maligned, laughed at, made to stew in their own juices, and the rest of the body has gotten the big beauty treatment.  Give them a chance.  Happy feet make happy people."

Bridgetown Floor


Italia for Arrowsmith

Jumping Jack Flash

Italia for Arrowsmith

His: Bridgetown Flood

Hers: Bridgetown Flood

Harbor Imports

Photographed by Francis Giacobetti

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