Sunday, 10 March 2013


"good news, all you secret Stanley Kowalskis - the t-shirt's back on top"

Playboy - August 1973


Gordonn Gregory


Michael Milea/ Peter Sinclair

Photographed by Alberto Rizzo

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  1. NO comments till now?? People, what's more natural, sensual and casual, but can be so chic at the same time?? A men's shirt, yes, but a girl's white t-shirt to.
    Remember young Kate Moss back in the 90'? Just in white t-shirts and jeans? It had ben quite out of fashion but she made it IN and cool again for every girl that was up to date in fashion...just wonderful. And besides, a white t-shirt is not just that easy, you need to look a lot to find the perfect shape for you.
    Thanks for your great blog, I know why it's on my blogroll...