Monday, 4 March 2013


Maclean's - November 19 1966

"Susie's a terrific little bird."  That's Vidal Sassoon speaking.  He's the London hairdresser whose ideas about cutting hair have practically defined the feminine profile in the mid-1960's, and he's talking about Susie Kosovic, a 22-year-old Toronto fashion designer.  "I spotted her at a party in Toronto last spring.  I couldn't miss her - she was wearing an exact copy of one of my hair styles and this marvelous wild dress she'd designed herself.  I was tempted to call her Canada's Mary Quant.  But that's not right because Susie has her own thing."

"Susie supervises a fitting in her main shop."

"Susie and her husband Peter share a brunch of cheese and wine in their Toronto town house."

"Even with a rapidly expanding business, Susie does all her own cutting.  Here in the workroom with Nina, her head seamstress, she works on the brown-paper patterns that will eventually be translated into cloth."

cover photographed by Tim Saunders

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