Friday, 29 January 2016

Flaunt Magazine - 2016.01

Photography: Andy Long Hoang for
Styling: Tinashe Musara for Folio Montréal and
Hair: Michael Goyette for Folio Montréal
Makeup: Michael Goyette for Folio Montréal
Model: Shelby Furber for Sutherland Models

1960's Floral Embroidered Linen Dress
Featherstone Vintage

1980's Razzle Dazzle Sequin and Silk Chiffon Jacket
Featherstone Vintage

Gai Mattiolo Couture 1990's Raw Silk Suit
Featherstone Vintage

Monday, 18 January 2016

les classiques nouvelle maniere

Elle France - September 6, 1971

Photographed by Hans Feurer 

shirt: Saint Claire, pants: Rodier, rhinestone stares: Yves Saint Laurent, tie: Charvet, watch: O'Clock, belt: Charvet

Left - pantsuit: Andre Ledoux, shirt: Christian Aujard, vest: Caroll
Right - coat: Henri Darmon, shirt: Saint Clair, pants: Rodier, tie: Charvet, hat: Brosseau

Left - dress: Loris Azzaro
Right - jacket and skirt: Annie Jahan for Fouks, hat: Gelot, shirt: Charvet

Left - jacket: Fried, pants: Christian Aujard, turtleneck: lil, beret: Brosseau, bracelet: YSL
Right - pants and jacket: Christian Aujard, blouse: Chloe, sweater: King Bury, clips: Lanvin, beret: Brosseau

Left: coat - Jacques Delahaye Diffusion Serge Pierre, beret - Brosseau, sweater - YSL, shoes - Andrea Pfister, sunglasses - Elyees Optical
Right: jacket and skirt - Jacques Delahaye Diffusion Serge Pierre, hat - Brosseau, shoes - Andrea Pfister

Middle - jacket: Georges Rech, pants: Christian Aujard, bag: La Bagagerie 
Right - coat: YSL, sweater: Burberrys

Yves Saint Laurent

Left - jacket: Jacques Delahaye Diffusion Serge Pierre, sweater: Rychter, hat: Brosseau, bracelet: Lanvin
Right: jacket: Rodier, hat: Brosseau